Rooms come equipped with work desks and dressing areas, and usually your own private balcony

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Reading | Work Space

The best part: we offer large, well-appointed spaces for you to work, read or simply sit and daydream. If you feel like stepping out of your room, you don't have to go to a cafe. You have your own space here

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Make yourself a cup of tea, and some toast if you like. We have an equipped kitchen. And if you want something more, we'll get our staff to rustle up something

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The Discreet Charm of a Family-Run Homestay

We are a Govt of West Bengal approved and family-run guesthouse. We offer you the opposite of budget hotels. Our rooms are large and full of natural light, there's enough space for you to do yoga or push-ups inside your room. If you are the sort who doesn't like to stay cooped up in a room, step out and use our sizeable living room space. These are well-appointed with several sets of tables and chairs, so you can have your own quiet corner. There is wifi, there are books you can borrow from our shelves, and there is book art.

The entire property is done up with prints of iconic Bengali book covers and book illustrations, offering a taste of the rich aesthetic and cultural tradition of Bengal.  Bengal is about books, that's usually the first thing people say about Bengalis, that we're bookish. That is why we called our property, Boi-er Bari The House of Books, because this is our way of celebrating the Bengali culture of books and art.


Feludar Ghar

Classic double room, air-cooled, with a mirror, desk and chair, television, bedside table, and wardrobe

Named after Satyajit Ray's famous private-eye Pradosh C Mitter, better known to the world as Feluda. The room has all the space and comfort and things you need to get your Feluda juices going

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Bormi Baksho

An air-cooled twin room with a television, wardrobe, writing desk, and bedside tables.

Named after the beloved Bengali children's book, Podi Pishir Bormi Baksho, this is a room full of little treasures of the sort you'd collect in an intricate wooden Burmese box

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Bawt-tala (Banyan's Shade)

A single room fitted with wardrobe, dressing table, bedside tables and shelves. Ensuite washroom. Air-cooled.

Bawt-tala means under the banyan tree. In Sukumar Ray's classic children's work, classes were convened under a banyan tree and much mayhem ensued. Our first floor is devoted to the Bengali's vocation--reading, writing and studying--so this room is about learning and all the mayhem it entails.

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To make a reservation…

  1. Rs 1999 for a classic air-conditioned single
    PEAK SEASON: Rs 2449 (15 Dec - 31 Jan and the week of Durga Puja in Sept-October)
  2. Rs 2349 for a classic air-conditioned double
    PEAK SEASON: Rs 2849 (15 Dec - 31 Jan and the week of Durga Puja in Sept-October)
  3. Rs 6000 for the entire floor comprising 3 air-cooled bedrooms + 3 bathrooms + living dining space and kitchen (6 guests, extra charges for the 7th person)
    PEAK SEASON: Rs 7200 (15 Dec - 31 Jan and the week of Durga Puja in September-October)
  4. Rs 1800 for a classic non-AC single
    PEAK SEASON: Rs 2100 (15 Dec - 31 Jan and the week of Durga Puja in Sept-October)
  5. Rs 2100 for a classic non-AC twin room
    PEAK SEASON: Rs 2500 (15 Dec - 31 Jan and the week of Durga Puja in Sept-October)

We operate in the pre-payment mode. Payment must be made by the time of check-in.
You must make at least 50% payment in advance to reserve your stay. The remainder may be paid at the time of check-in.

We do not permit *parties and get-togethers* at Boi-er Baari. To repeat, we are not a hotel or a guesthouse. We are not equipped for wedding party stayovers. Nor film shoots.

We are regrettably unable to offer recces, or visits to the property to 'check out' the space. We are not a hotel or a guesthouse, and do not have the full-time staff that these entities have.

From 15 April 2021 onward, when the deadly second wave of Covid19 devastated India, we made our reservation policy stringent in order to maintain health safety. To stay, you need to have full vaccination certificate, that is both doses for two-dose vaccines. And for single dose vaccines like Johnson & Johnson or the Sputnik *Light*, one certificate will suffice.
We may request copies of your certificates to check

All guests must produce valid passports and visa at the time of check-in. Indian nationals must produce government ID with the address at the time of check-in.

If a man and a woman are booked in one room, they have to provide government ID Proof of living in the same residential address, or a copy of their marriage certificate (applicable to Indian nationals only). We are a Govt of India and Govt of West Bengal accredited property and have to follow Indian law with respect to the immoral trafficking act.

Email us at [email protected] for reservations

Call +91 7003592611

** Token fee of Rs 100 per day for using the kitchen to cook. Electric kettle and toaster provided free